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Ensure your project meets specified requirements. Receive consistent and compliant installations. Design quality ensures requirements are specified and shown on plans clearly.

Commissioning Management

Gain peace of mind knowing your facility is running as intended with systems integrated to reduce operational costs and risks. Current technology provides flexibility to fit your needs. Find and repair weak links in your systems. Ensure  systems are tested in real world failure scenarios.


Are you seeking design reviews and solutions with operability, efficiency, and consistency in mind?  Minimize the need for change orders, addendums, and clarifications by confirming that the project design is coordinated between disciplines. Identify scope gaps or missing components.

Construction Administration

Whether you are looking for project management, assistance with continual improvements, or submittal reviews - reach out to see how Forty Nickel can add value to your project. Take the design from paper to practice.



Forty Nickel was founded by Nick Uphoff in 2021 with a mission to provide independent services for facility improvements. Through proper coordination and eliminating inefficiencies, your project will benefit. Whether it's new construction or a retrofit, I will work with you to find practical solutions that meet your needs. Execution of construction is the most important aspect of an engineered facility and must be carefully monitored.  Scopes of all sizes are welcomed including short-term services. 


Projects often become delayed or turbulent without clear and concise communication at take-off. Forty Nickel will work to simplify scope complexities in order to promote understanding of the design and owner requirements. By taking a collaborative approach with the contractor and owner teams, increased accountability and trust will be formed. The simple and cost effective solutions come first. Ideas from any team member will always be considered. 


Data Centers • Healthcare • Education • Airports • Industrial • Commercial • Retail


Mechanical • Electrical • Controls • Plumbing • Civil/Structural coordination


How did Forty Nickel get its name? It is named after a roll of nickels that represents humble beginnings and conducting life and business in an honest way. Integrity and reputation are non-negotiable priorities. Ask more about this when we work together.

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